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report found more than 6,000 health and safety violations in the u.s. capitol complex. the problems range from fire hazards to electrical issues. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has been trying for days to speak with the architect of the capitol about those vie layings. we finally caught up with him. >> reporter: this report -- since the report became public this week, we've been trying without success to get an interview with the architect of the capitol. he didn't have to talk to us but he does have to talk to congress. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton wants some answers. >> i'm a member and i want to know. >> reporter: answers into why this government report found 6,300 safety hazards inside capitol hill office buildings, including 1700 electrical problems and more than 1,000 fire hazards. norton says the hill's 30,000 workers and millions of visitors also deserve to know what's being done. >> i didn't want to read this place was -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the report also found the library of congress racked up 537 violations. the press office of the architect of the capitol had
. >> no children should be living away from the parents. >> this is the children's march, and these are u.s. citizen children. there are 500 u.s. citizen children representing 4 million u.s. citizen children in this country with one or more parents that is undocumented, either been deported, in deportation, or living in fear of deportation. >> nobody should be separated from their family. >> my parents are illegal immigrants and are treated like criminals, and that's not fair. they are only here to work hard and have done it so far for 22 years. i don't see any reason they should go to jail. >> unfortunately, obama administration in spite of rhetoric and stance increased enforcement since the bush administration. we have now over 1100 people a day arrested and deported. most of them have families. that means that between 1,000 and 2000 u.s. citizen children see a father or mother taken away, arrested, by armed men, every day. >> reporter: reverend coleman calling those children of deported illegals obama orphans. no telling whether their protest today will inspire the president to ease up a
in the charges. >>> tonight, officials in sepress are responding to u.s. criticism of their decision to let a russian spy suspect out on bail and still no sign of christopher metzos who jumped bail after being arrested on the resort island. the investigators are searching ports, yachts, arenas and airports looking for him and insist that the police bear no responsibility for his disappearance. >> and we don't have an indication he abandoned the island. we're still in the process of seeing if he remains in cypress territory. investigators haven't said whether russians might be helping or hiding metzos and the island had a long history of involvement and cold war espionage. >>> mayor fenty is denying rumors he was once involved in a domestic dispute and that the police department tried to cover up the allegations. the police chief kathy lanier and the mayor addressed the issue today. >> they tried this when i ran four years ago. it's nothing more than the worse types of politics. >> the rumors surfaced, i believe, as soon as he began running for mayor and have been around since. >> chief lani
. the exchange of 14 spies took less than an hour and a half. the u.s. getting four people being held in russia on charges they spied for the u.s. u.s. officials say some of those freed by russia were ailing. they also say at least one of the four spies may have exposed information leading to the capture of two of the most damaging spies ever caught in the u.s. and those names could be familiar to somebody out there. we're talking about robert hanson. the swap allowed moscow to avoid ten spy trials in the u.s. that would have potentially spilled embarrassing details of how the agents who posed as ordinary citizens, even having lived here, how they apparently had recovered very little information of value for russia but managed to be watched by the f.b.i. for years and years on end. back here live. the exchange as you mentioned earlier is the largest since the cold war. many saying if was -- it was done really to help the u.s. and russian relations continue to go on the line it's been on, the good relations they've been forging over the last few years. it's really not known what is going to beco
he was released on bail. and these court documents, u.s. prosecutors say that michael zatoli admits his real name is mikhail kutzex and she's really natali a -- >> among the evidence taken from the couple's arlington apartment, a new laptop computer they got from russia to him them communicate. an intercepted message from the successor to russia's kgb spells out the mission. the only goal and task of our service and awful us is security of our country. only for reaching this goal and you were dispatched to u.s., settled down there, gained legal status and suspected of striking up youthful acquaintances, broadening the circle of your well-placed connections and gaping information and recruiting sources. and they ended their years log investigation because suspected spy ana chapman, nicknamed the red-headed femme fatale was about to leave the u.s. saying that natalia is asking that her two children, now staying with a friend, be sent to russia to live with family. the virginia three were ordered back to court next wednesday for a preliminary hearing. in court this afternoon, a federal
and universities in the u.s. one of those schools, quinnipiac is the defendant in a lawsuit. you see, in an effort to save money, they dropped several varsity sports including women's volleyball. they require equality between male and female athletes so they replaced it with competitive cheer. the judge wrote competitive cheer may sometime in the future qualify. today, however, the activity is too under developed and disorganized to be treated as offering genuine varsity athletic participation for students. nina is an attorney at the national women's law center. >> schools want to cut costs, that's understandable and unfortunately sports are on the chopping block, they can't cut costs on the backs of women. >> reporter: bond says at maryland, female athletes get respect. >> we are in the weight room, we are tutoring sport services, sports medicine, we have access to beautiful facilities and everything we need to compete and compete strong. >> reporter: now, this judge looked at things like who the cheer squads compete against and how they recruit. at maryland there are competitive cheer scholarshi
in iraq. seven years after the u.s.-led invasion that topelled saddam hussein, the united states is handing over the last facility under the control to iraqi authorities and the head said 1500 detainees are in the prison. he said the u.s. is holding on to another 200 detainees. >>> coming up on the news edge at 6, ground workers make an amazing discovery at the world trade center site that dates back hundreds of years. >>> this may not look like your typical day at the office, but they're hoping eventually it will be. i'm beth parker, i -- i will tell what you the coworkers are up to. >> it's named d.c. the -- peta's named d.c. the most vegetarian and vegan-family city. they eat like sunflower vegetarian restaurant helped the city earn the title. peta said d.c. is on the cutting edge of healthy cuisine earth and animal friendly. portland, oregon, and albuquerque, new mexico, round out the top three cities. >>> you heard of coffee breaks or -- brakes or a smoke brake. how about -- smoke break. how about an exercise break? it's started by a california doctor and is in d.c. getting
tails -- details on homeowners facing foreclosure. >>> and plus, the u.s. gets involved as tensions mount between north korea and south korea. >>> talking about tough times. the mayor who's cutting toilet paper from the city budget. we'll explain, coming up.  >>> the threat came during an asian security conference in vietnam. the secretary of state attended the meeting and said that north korea's actions are dangerous and provocative. >> we'll demonstrate once again to the military exercises that the united states stand in firm support of the defense of south korea. >>> they're accused of torpedoing a ship in march. after a meeting on wednesday, secretary clinton announced new sanctions against north korea. since the sinking of the ship, texs are increasing. >> we have to be careful and we have to be clear and very firm that we're not going to be intimidated by the threats. >> secretary clinton says that the sanctions are to design the missions. in washington, craig boswell. >>> there's hope for homeowners trying to save the property. how a massive event is bringing help to th
. benjamin netanyahu was here in washington in an effort to mend fences with the u.s. the two leaders didn't want to talk about the recent squabbles. >> reporter: stepping out of his limousine, benjamin netanyahu step into a white house that he tried to get back on the right foot with. >> we will work together in the coming months and years to protect our common interest our countries and peoples against new threats. >> reporter: the obama administration has been at odds with netanyahu from newest bank settlements to may's deadly clash between israeli forces in a flotilla of palestinian supporters. but he praised the prime minister after the face-to-face meeting. >> i believe prime minister netanyahu wants peace. i think he is willing to take risks for peace. >> reporter: israel agreed to ease the gaza blockade and now backs direct peace talks for the first time in two years. experts say the bickering between the white house and netanyahu has been costly. >> i think there is a very strained personal relationship there. >> reporter: james phillips, middle east expert says the white house ma
in russia, accused of spying for the u.s. tonight six years after last being seen, reports that are he has been flown to vienna in advance of a spy swap. >> we never received anything like it. peter heads the spy museum. he served in the cia. he said the suspects are worth more as bargaining chips than intelligence sources. >> the bureau has been covering these people for the better part of 10 years. there are probably no more sec cents to learn about these people. >> reporter: ten people including anna chapman pled guilty to spying for russia after fbi arrests stretching from virginia to boston. the ten are expected to be ex hanged for four russian prisoners, also accused of spying for the u.s. prisoners like igor sutyagin. >> his claim was he was only passing on information publicly available in the press and in russia. >> reporter: mark has been falling the case closely. he said sutyagin may not have been a spy in the first place. >> frankly, he appears to be set up. it's not clear aside from humanitarian grounds that he has any value to the united states. >> reporter: ten days after pr
will not appoint himself to the seat. >>> president obama says his effort to double u.s. exports over the next five years is moving right along. the president claims the nation's sales abroad were up 17% in the first four months of this year and reiterated his commitment to job growth. >> we launched the national export initiative, an ambitious effort to team up with america's businesses, large and small and help them unleash their energy and innovation and grow their markets, support new jobs selling their goods and services across the globe. >> as many as four guns belonging to the security team for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are gone, either lost or stolen here in the u.s. the handguns were in two suitcases that got lost when the security officials flew from new york to d.c. on american airlines. the suitcases later turned up in los angeles, no guns. so far no comment from american airlines. the new york port authority is investigating. >>> russian war games in full swing in siberia. the drill involves 5,000 troops happening in provinces bordering mongolia and china. the military
. >> today for the first time since 2004, all three u.s. automakers are working at a profit. >> business is up. >> reporter: the owner of fitzgerald auto mall said that he's seen business turn around with gm, ford and imports and not with yesler. most are being sold in bulk to companies with little profit. >> chrysler sales are down and retail sales are down. the industry reports total sales and make their money on retail sales and -- >> he applauds the president for taking action turning the industry around. because part of that plan was to eliminate dealership, many people lost jobs across the country. >> and that is not the home picture but a part of it and i give him high marks for solving the problem. >> reporter: the president said there is a lot of work to do and believes american carmakers are focussing on the consumer needs. the consumer is responding. >> the bottom line is this: we have a long way to go, but we're beginning to see the tough decisions pay off. >> and a little more good news. the white house believes that american automakers in michigan could add about 11,000 add
. >>> and a missing iranian nuclear test is claims he was kidnapped by the u.s. where he said it went down and what he wants now. >>> and apple's newest smartphone went from the must- have gadget to, i'm not so sure now. why the complaints are getting louder. >>> the most famous owner of the most famous team died this morning, we'll look back on the legacy of george steinbrenner and hear from one of the most beloved yankees. the fox 5 news at 5 continues. . d t tos this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. >> a missing nuclear scientist from iran has turned up here in the district. and they have reportedly taken refuge at the pakistani embassy compound. there is conflicting reports of how he got there. iranian
the u.s. embassy. the vice president and his wife jill were not hurt. >>> more calls for michael steele to accept down. he spent the weekend trying to explain the comments he made about afghanistan that were caught on an open mic. steele has made controversial remarks before, but up to this weekend some republicans say it is time for him to go. >> reporter: the big fireworks show may have been on the national mall last night but another explosive drama was playing out a few blocks away. with republican chairman michael steele trying to explain comments he made last week that were just barely overheard. >> this is a war of obama. >> he called it a war of president obama's choosing and said every other effort to win a war there for the past 1,000 years has failed. it brought a quick review from republican leaders. >> i think the statements are inaccurate and there's no excuse for them. chairman steele sent me an e- mail saying that he was -- his remarks were misconstrued. >> reporter: steele's eck plan nation did little to settle the issue and one leading conservative voice, the weekly st
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